Stuff — We Can't Take It With Us!

I need to purge, not that I'm a hoarder but it's amazing the amount of stuff a person collects throughout their life. We've often heard the term, "You can't take it with you!" I've even said it a few times myself, not really thinking of what a profound statement I had said. 

Just by looking around at the stuff that I've collected, do I really need five can openers, a lamp in every corner of the house, those 1200 plus music CDs that I never listen to? I counted them, do I need four couches? I can only sit in one at a time. All these books, I never read a book twice, why are they still here and so prominently displayed?

I opened my cupboard, 16 cans of mushroom soup, 24 cans of tomato, two bottles of unopened No-name ketchup and two jars of unopened "Vlasic" sweet mixed pickles. I open one. I made a choice. I went to get a glass of water, thirty glasses to chose from, so I opted for a coffee, same thing, a choice of 23 mugs.  

I went to get dressed. I couldn't decide what colour t-shirt to wear, I have so many. I hopped into the shower, two bars of soap, three hair shampoos and two conditioners. What is all this stuff?

Sitting down at my desk, I reached for a dictionary. I've got three to choose from. I almost grabbed them all just to compare and see if one had a word the other didn't, then I said, "to hell with it!" There's one thing I don't have too much of and that is time.

I have bank accounts in every bank but no money! Gallons of gas, sitting in the truck's gas tank sitting out in the driveway ready to take me where ever I want to go, but I never go. Why have I got all this stuff?

It's hot! I have three fans blowing on me. I need some ice cream to cool me off, three choices in the freezer; in a tub, on a stick or in a paper box. I closed the door.

When it gets dirty around here, I've got the Dyson, the Shop-Vac even my trusty Hoakie.

Then, there's Patti and Cleo, my two Boxer girls. I can't decide which one I love more, so I walk them both.

It's amazing isn't it, the amount of stuff we collect and accumulate in our life time. It's as if we have plans to take it all with us when we die, but of course as we all know, "We can't take it with us!"

I need to purge.

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