Religion Does Not Require You To Live Forever?

According to Christians and other Western theologies, God is immortal in the strictest sense. The only entity I know that has been around for a long, long time and probably will be around a lot longer. He cannot die! He exists at one time and at all times, to the point of existing outside of time. Angels and human souls are supposed immortal, but only if God choses not to eliminate them.

Plato a long time ago argued the "soul" was immaterial and does not occupy space. The soul is said to have no parts, which means that its destruction cannot happen since destruction is separating its parts. So, to Plato the soul cannot be destroyed. However, and many subsequent philosophers agree, it seems things can be destroyed if their atoms are reduced to energy without being separated.

Acting morally for the sake of immortality only makes sense if there is life after death, in which the good are the only ones rewarded with an afterlife. Acting morally makes no sense unless there is some point for acting morally. The traditional view of an unending life, (either in heaven or hell) held by the major religions does not require you, "living forever," in the physical sense.

Many people believe, it is; what you do today, your attitudes and life choices, that determine your immortality. To others, especially to the Canadian Indian, we live eternally as one after we die, melding with nature, a part of everything. 

One thing is for sure, our physical bodies have a set time limit, while we are here living on Earth, and there is no doubt and I do believe, you will be moving on. Hopefully for all eternity!

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Mark Bloom said...

Great post.
Sometimes I fear that the entropic heat death of the universe will render all our concepts of non religious immortality moot.
If it all is vanity, then be as vain as you can? :)