Aren't We All Some Sort Of Ghost Temporarily Residing In A Physical Body?

If you think about it, aren't we all some sort of ghost, an animated spirit or soul, living inside a physical body. When we die, the solid physical body we live in shuts down and starts to deteriorate. At that moment our spirit body leaves our physical body. The energy that filled our physical bodies now moves on into the spirit world.

Concerning death; Errors do not occur, no one dies before their time, nor, will you be able to avoid it when it happens because there is really no such thing as death, there is only a transition, from the physical to the nonphysical. When you move into the nonphysical world then you could call yourself a ghost.

Once a ghost, you're either; bound to the earth as in "Earthbound or "In the light," gone to heaven, hell, the fifth dimension, or whatever you want to call it.

Most ghosts are "In the light," transitioning with ease, but some are not. The scary ghosts we hear about are the "Earthbound ones," which aren't really scary at all, they're just trying communicate, to help us, they don't roam around graveyards at night or dark spooky attics scaring the hell out of everyone. A genuine ghost would not do that.

However, most ghosts appear as they had died and in certain circumstances some of these "Earthbound ghosts" can be scary, especially the ones that were killed violently, an explanation why some ghosts are just floating heads, or torsos or hands. Itt, the walking hand on the Adams Family comes to mind.

The next time you get that draft running up your back, or a chill which makes the hair on the nape of your neck stand on end, a ghost could be nearby. Temperatures change, it's been recorded. Ghosts aren't affected by gravity or time and travel instantly from one place to another.

It's believed ghosts are extremely sensitive to thought. They can pick up telepathically what you are thinking, crystal clear and can act on what they hear. You've heard of gaydar, well ghosts have ghostdar!

So, be careful about what you are thinking. Just thinking of a dead someone can attract him to you.

No need rushing things, you will eventually meet them because aren't we all some sort of ghost, temporarily residing in a physical body?

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