13 Signs Your Personal Space Has Been Invaded By Ghosts

This is my personal opinion; I feel a ghost can invade a person's space, especially if you're afraid. In other words it can get into your body, if it wants to relive a certain particular physical experience. We all know ghosts that inhabit a person can have a harmful influence on him, as in possession.

Here are 13 key signs a ghost is invading your personal space:

1.   When you walk into a room and there is a heaviness in the air. The more ghosts in the room the gloomier it seems.

2.   The room may have a distinct and unexplainable smell about it, as if someone was wearing cheap perfume.

3.   Sudden power surges. Lights turn on and off. Radios, televisions, computers and machinery act differently as if having a mind of their own.

4.   One of the most commonest. The temperature in the room decreases. You feel a slight draught or chilly.

5.   You sense someone is watching you, standing in the background.

6.   You may feel a touch, a tap on your shoulder, a nudge or poke.

7.   Knocking, tapping on walls, footsteps along with voices, singing and whispering.

8.   From the corner of your eye you see a flicker of light or movement, known as spirit lights.

9.   Objects seem to move around all by themselves.

10. Indentations on seats and pillows.

11. The telephone rings and no one is there.

12. Water is very common, either boiling on the stove or coming out of the tap, unexpectedly.

13. When your thoughts are not your own. Only you will experience this and only you will be able to say, this is not me!

You'll know when a ghost invades your space because you'll experience frequent headaches, heartburn and indigestion along with other stomach problems, ear aches, sore throats and depression. You'll also have nightmares, terrifying ones. 

As a final warning, you should take all this seriously, ghosts don't like to be made fun of, or ridiculed. It knows your thoughts and knows what you're thinking. It will know if you are afraid!

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