Why Is The Medical Profession So Against Euthanasia?

There's a conspiracy going on and to a lot of people it's no big secret. It has to do with euthanasia and money. Why is the medical profession so against euthanasia?

First, the so-called medical profession really isn't a profession anymore; it's more of a commercial enterprise. It has been a commercial enterprise for a hell of a long time, riddled with religious overtones. The basis for medical ethics is religious ethics, plain and simple. When it comes to euthanasia there is a religious manifesto, The Hippocratic Oath which forbids physicians to aid in assisting suicide. It is believed but (we do not know for sure) to have been Pythagorean who dealt in numbers that wrote it, meaning Hippocrates never wrote it. In fact it isn't medical at all.  So, if you meet a doctor who tells you that "life is sacred," run for the hills, he's either a theologian first, or second, a business man then finally a physician.

But there is a better reason why the medical profession is against physician-assisted euthanasia and that is money. If a patient's suffering is ended weeks in advance, look at all the money that would be lost to the medical and health-field.

Have a look at Alzheimer's disease today! Doctors will tell you it's not terminal, but I believe any disease that curtails natural life is terminal, the only difference is the length of time it takes for a person to die, eventually Alzheimer's will get you.

There are over 4 million cases of Alzheimer's at any given time in America today. What if just one out of ten decided to end their own life when the time seemed right? That's 400,000 people that are depriving the medical profession (nursing homes) of perhaps four or five years of medical care for someone lying in bed, vegetating away, at an estimated cost of $30,000 per year or more, times 400,000. That's a lot of bucks.

I won't even touch on the pharmaceutical industry. A hell of a lot of drugs are used during those last few final weeks, months or years, which also add up to billions and billions of dollars. Any dim-wit can see why the medical profession would be against euthanasia.

It's sickening isn't it? Something so terrible and incorrigible. You can either go along with it, which is hard to do or you can face it with a cynical prospective. I opt for being cynical. 

Here's my solution; why not let all the religious issues of medicine apply only to religious hospitals and leave secular hospitals alone? To me the only and a perfect solution. We won't tell the religious hospitals how to carry out their insanity and they won't tell us how to carry out ours. They can refuse to carry out abortions, they can refuse the dying wishes of their patients, they can do what the hell they like but they have no right to impose their religious beliefs, or what they call universal medical ethics on secular institutions.

What is ethics anyway? Is it simply doing what's right at the time? I think so!  

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