What If You Had A Choice To Either Die or Be Born, Which Would You Choose?

First, imagine what it was like to be born. For the first nine months of your life you were nice and comfortable in a temperature controlled womb. You hadn't a worry in your brain until you gained consciousness. Suddenly you are thrust out, told you cannot stay hidden any no longer, your time there has spent, now get out!

What happens next is; you're forced out head first, expected to fit through this unrealistic small hole. Cold metal clamps grab your head as you feel yourself being yanked, so much so, impressions are left on your soft delicate skull. Strangers slap you, under bright lights, while swabbing and probing you in all your orifices. You're at their mercy as they grab you by the feet for foot printing and processing, stretching your legs outright, which have been curled up for all this time. You watch helplessly as the doctors clamp and cut your life line, your umbilical cord. It must hurt. You're on your own from then on.

Some of us are lucky if that's all that happens. Others are premature with hands grabbing at you through the lining of the womb, before your time, yanking and pulling you out. 

We've all experience being born, but luckily we don't remember a thing but it all sounds very painful to me. 

Now let's look at death. It doesn't seem half bad to me, lying in a hospital bed, the doctors have pumped you full of pain relieving drugs. Imagine, as you lay there your astral body lifts out of your physical body. All that happens next is you realize your dead and you feel no more pain. How simple and painless is that? 

Of course, this only applies during a natural birth and a natural death. I don't even want to talk about accidentally dying, nor how painful that could be. That's another story, for another blog. 

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