Waiting for Something to Happen "Syndrome"

We wait for buses. We wait for the telephone to ring, the weekend to arrive, the next big event to happen in our lives. 

We wait and wait, waiting for our next love affair, our next opportunity. We wait for something to start and something to finish. We wait for the world to change.

We not only wait but we seek out using our Blackberries and iPhones recording upcoming events, logging future dates instantly, then we wait for answers, things to bring us joy, to entertain us, for more important things. In other words we wait for things other than what is happening at the present moment, something that might be better, maybe a bit more interesting or slightly more significant. 

All of our hopes and dreams are based on our beliefs of the future. We believe that someone, something, somewhere will be much better than it is at the present. It's arrival will cure us of all our suffering, all our pain, the anxiety and confusion, even the terror of everyday living and whatever is going on now.

We hope something will happen. Something less complicated, less painful. Sometimes it does, but most times not, any gambler will tell you that's so.

As Echhart Tolle calls it; "Waiting for Something to Happen Syndrome." When a person assumes there is someone who knows more than we do, has more energy than ourselves, has more courage and ability then we believe that finding and meeting this person, thing or place we will be more happier, safer, and feel personally better, bigger and more important.

Is this you? If so, stop waiting! No one is going to save you. Realize your own potential, especially what is happening right now and what you can or cannot do. 

If you think about it, it's really yourself that you've been waiting for, the only one that will make you feel better, even save you.

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