UFO Skeptics, They're All Alike. They Just Won't Consider The Facts

I have found that no matter what the facts are, UFO Skeptics feel that UFOs are not from outer space and therefore can be brushed under the carpet and ignored. All of them justify rejecting the UFO hypothesis as a possible, even if remote explanation for UFOs. To date there is no scientific proof in fact, that UFOs are not extraterrestrial. It just might be the one true explanation, after all they are exactly what they are, "unidentified." In other words, we still don't know what the hell they are!

Skeptics claim that we are alone in the universe but the more science reveals about the vastness of space, the numbers cannot be ignored. Of the billions and billions of galaxies out there, why do we think we're so damn special to be the only ones?

I've often heard that we are just too far away, for any alien to get here. That nothing can travel the speed of light, but in reality as of yet, we don't know if the speed of light is a barrier at all. What about the theories of wormholes, the bending of space and warp speeds travelling through space and time? The truth is we just don't know! But imagine, the scientific discoveries say within the next 3000 years. The truth should be revealed by then, wouldn't you think?

We've all heard the expression, "If aliens arrived on Earth, they'd be swarming the White House." No? They're not! But since they're not, skeptics believe that's enough proof that UFOs haven't been visiting Earth.

If you really think about it, why would they? Would they even care knowing who's sitting in the Oval Office? Would we, if visiting another inhabited planet go up to them and say, "Take me to your leader?" I don't think so. We all know how violent and unpredictable humans can be, so why wouldn't aliens think the same and try to avoid contact with us?

Skeptics complain there's no evidence, that the skies are monitored 24/7. If aliens were here already, the UFOlogists would have found them by now.

The truth is the authorities haven't been looking. Of course they do the occasional research on the topic but if you're not looking for a UFO you won't find any, and if you do find one by accident, it's kept a secret. A secret that may cost you your life.

Science has not proved UFOs to be extraterrestrial by no means, it has only proved our ignorance on the subject. UFO skeptics, they're all alike. They just won't consider the facts.

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