The Value of Dreaming — Stevie Wonder's Wise Mother — The Late Lula Mae Hardaway

This is the story of one man's dream, Stevie Wonder's dream.

The crowd sat patiently in the Beverly Hilton Hotel, as Stevie Wonder was escorted to centre stage. As you may be well aware; Stevie Wonder is blind. He was receiving an award for Personal Integrity from a L.A. based foundation. This is a small paraphrase of what Stevie said to the audience that night, about his mother and his dreams...

..."When I was a little boy, this was before I lost my sight, I would often hear sounds in my head and try to reproduce them by banging on various objects that were around me. Sometimes out of shear frustration I would break a few of the objects that I was banging on. Because I was very young and without sight, I did not know at the time we were poor and that most of the objects that I had broke could not be replaced. 

But, my mother would simply take away the broken pieces and put another object in its place. Never during all of that time did she ever scold me or punish me for breaking anything."

Lula Mae Hardaway, what a mother! Could you imagine a world where all of us received an act like this of unselfish support, encouragement and love that Stevie Wonder had received from his mother?

Most of us don't have such a supportive mother, but not to worry, you can always support yourself. 

It's within you to nurture and grow that spark of hope that lies within your heart, awaiting to be ignited. Guidance and courage are at your fingertips through prayer, reflection and meditation to keep you on track and staying in touch with yourself. Above all, you can trust your dream.

One day you'll be able to look back on your own life and be amazed at all the challenges you've faced that have obstructed your path. All the challenges that have ultimately worked in unison to assist you in achieving your ultimate goal. Funny how life works!

Stevie Wonder's mum, bless her soul. Lula Mae, she knew how important it is to trust in your dreams, and now you do too. On with it then!

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