The Other Side Of Making It — Not Making It! — Giving Up On Your Dream

We've tried to follow the practical, logical and responsible path to succeed, but some of us just haven't made it yet! It is the motivation that has kept us going. We keep on chasing the promise of financial security, the American Dream but it keeps eluding us, as does the day we can walk away from working and finally enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Those golden years, a time when we can take off our shoes and put our feet up. The time has come to put away that tool box or that brief case and retire. A time to play golf, tinker, travel and putter. A life we strived for and were promised.

Unfortunately, when that time comes, when your hair has turned a silver grey, you might discover there's not enough money in the kitty, you're not as secure as you thought, the cost of living has sky-rocketed since you set out on your life's dream. The trouble is you still might have that itch no matter where you are on life's timeline and you're still under the illusion you may have some time left to make it!

But, no matter what path you chose or how successful you are you'll always have those doubts about, What if?  What if I had done this or that, would I have been more successful? Would I be happier, would I be richer? 

Remember all those people that kept telling you that you were chasing a dream, to get back to reality, the nay-sayers that kept reinforcing that you "won't make it." Is that true for you?

This is the time to reflect on your life and once the door to your past is open, you may feel regret that you never followed but turned away from your dream. You might have given your all, only to find the road to your dream too costly or you listened to your fellow man and gave up, the dream to them just to unattainable so you followed their belief instead, not knowing that it was normal to have such doubts and dreams. 

You may not find this easy, but I suggest that you keep on chasing that dream no matter what stage of life you're at. Success might be just around the corner. You don't want to miss it! Success seems to arrive at the most unexpected of times and is often late.

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