The Oprah Effect — Makes You Less Afraid Of Dying

Why is it that most people who have a near-death experience become less afraid of dying? After all, you've just experienced "nearly dying" shouldn't you be more afraid? But no, people that go through a near-death experience report less afraid than being afraid of dying. Why is that, when the fear of death causes people more anxiety than any other fear?

Not only do people fear their own demise but they fear other people's demise as well. Everyone that has gone through a NDE are consistent when describing their reduced fear of death.

Surprisingly, you don't have to experience a NDE, to become less afraid of death. All you need to do is hear someone of authority tell you about becoming less afraid of dying, or simply by reading about it, in a magazine. It's called the Oprah Effect

Just by watching the Oprah Show on television, when she's talking about NDE's and the afterlife, many people have become less afraid of death. Strange that someone could have such an influence, on the way people think.

The near-death experience has this special effect on people who have had it. Not that NDE'ers become more religious but they do report becoming more spiritual, believing in the sacredness of life. The knowledge learned having an everlasting effect on the remaining years of their lives.

Everyone should have to go through a near-death experience, or forced to watch a full season of Oprah shows. What a peaceful, heavenly world this would be.

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Carmel said...

Perhaps it should be described as becoming more accepting of the idea or facts of the inevitable.
As one becomes older one gets more less actually afraid.
If one feels they have accomplished most of what they wanted out of life one would/could be accepting of the idea of death.
or realizing what your purpose having voyaged to this planet was for and is satisfied of your accomplishments