The Next Time You Dream Of Aliens and UFOs — Ask Yourself, What Are You Afraid Of?

Dreams of aliens and UFOs are usually scary. The creatures are unpredictable, hell bent on destroying you and the world.

Here's an example, from a teenagers recollection of her dream, the night before a big exam, "I looked up and saw thousands of space ships clouding the sky. We were shooting at them with missiles and rockets. Some were destroyed but hundreds succeeded to land. Out from these spaceships came these ugly insects. Then I woke up."

Okay, okay I made that story up but you get the picture.

Is there a reason why, when we dream of UFOs or aliens that there is an uncanny similarity in the physical makeup of these crafts and the creatures that drive them? Why do we all dream of the same aliens and the same UFOs? Is there some kind of connection?

I'm not saying they all look alike, nor all space craft look and act the same. One could have five eyes, another ten legs it doesn't matter, a space ship could be cigar shaped, or an orb. It's how we categorize them, putting all dreamed aliens into one slot and all dreamed UFOs into another. It doesn't matter what they look like, they're all alien to us. The same with dreams of UFOs, no matter what shape, it's a UFO!

Could television have made this happen? The movies? Or, is it some kind of a collective archetype developed by our collective unconscious, built in our DNA? Do film makers give shape to this archetype? Probably.

Before we as humans had the concept of aliens and UFOs, did we dream about them? 

It is said everything in our dreams comes from within ourselves, we create it all, which means there is nothing alien about the aliens in our dreams.

I'm no dream specialist, but I'm pretty knowledgable about dreams and this is what I think! When we dream of aliens and UFOs we are creating images of these creatures because they represent a part of us that feels alienated and frightened of the unknown. It could also be your sub-conscious telling you it wants the excitement, the freshness of the unknown, the complete opposite. Or, maybe it could be a part of your life, completely foreign to you, something you know nothing about, manifesting as alien and strange, which doesn't seem to conform to your lifestyle and self-image. What do you do? You dream of aliens and UFOs to compensate. A perfect metaphor for our own lives, when we're afraid of the unknown and the fear of losing control.

Dreaming of UFOs could be a way of escaping the humdrum of life. As you leave the world behind and watch it fade away in the distance from a window seat in a UFO, you're seeking new horizons, new experiences, something strange and something spiritual.

It seems there's some universal symbolic connection involved when we dream of aliens and UFOs, something deep down inside our psyche, something that we all understand. Think about it the next time you dream of aliens and UFOs then relate it to your own life. You might find some answers to questions that have baffled you in the past.  

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