The Internet And UFOs — One Day Soon, We'll All Become Believers

Why is there so much disinterest by governments in discovering what UFOs actually are? It's as if UFOs are a taboo subject, not to be discussed or talked about. 

Luckily for us, there's the Internet where interest in UFOs abound. With thousands of hours of video evidence (some questionable) but still, hundreds and hundreds left unexplained. All the websites, posting article after article, describing this or that about UFOs but nary a word from people that are in the know, a group structured on an elite authoritative system of beliefs and practices which determine for us, what "reality" really is.

This structured belief system is global. It can be sub-divided down into three major categories; the Government, the Scientific Community and Mainstream Media. They all share the same belief, that UFOs do not exist.

It explains the slow disinterested response of governments and the scientific community in general. Eventually, reports are taken after the fact but no real investigations are held, as far as we know, with most being swept under the table. No group has ever been formed to investigate and survey systematically, nor even to seek out any UFO phenomena. Is some kind of conspiracy theory holding them back? I'll laugh if you say money? 

Mainstream Media rarely cover UFO reports. If they do, it's turned into some sort of freak show, or joke. In fact any story, it doesn't have to be about UFOs, it could be about Ghosts, Aliens, the Sasquatch, anything unusual or unexplainable and it gets the old, "Nod and Wink" routine. For some strange reason, all the anchor people chuckle at such a suggestion, ending every news cast about UFOs with a laugh. No wonder reports of UFOs are never taken seriously. 

Take science, where everything in nature is interesting, but when it comes to UFOs, they show no interest. Why is that? 

The authorities give us the impression they "know" that UFOs do not exist. They blame it on overactive imaginations, putting UFOs under the same category as fairies, witches and unicorns, all urban legends.

To me, the reality of UFOs are not matters of belief, but facts. Today we have the Internet and one day soon, we'll all become believers. Just watch!

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Dog Brindle

1 comment:

Tommy Coughlin said...

Dog Brindle: Good blog. I am of the opinion that there are UFO's, but I suspect there are many less visitors than one is lead to believe. The SETI program, Ham Radio operators would be receiving more communications signals otherwise. (Doesn't mean we would understand them. It is not surprising to me that government agengies would want to suppress knowledge of their research into UFOs. Wouldn't want "the enemy", (whoever that might be!) to get some sort of advantage. That the scientific community is co-opted by the government agencies is not unreasonable either. The Military, Industrial, University complex has been a way of doing business for at least 80 years in this country. The real question becomes why does the media downplay these things? How many times have we heard the bromide: "The Public wants to Know". BS the media is controlled by their owners, whether it is government or political/business interests or even by their own self-interest. - Heaven knows our own internet communities would never have their own axe to grind would they?

As usual I think it is a matter of following the money.