The Doomsday Message — Ladies and Gentlemen; This Is Arthur Godfrey — Do Not Be Afraid

"Let's go quail hunting," Eisenhower said, on February 9, 1955, out of the blue and when international tensions were mounting. The Soviet Union was threatening America with a nuclear exchange and the president decides to go quail hunting, at the height of the Cold War, does this sound strange?

On February 10, a few short hours later Eisenhower and his entourage left Andrews Air Force Base, in Maryland headed for Milestone Plantation in Georgia, a bird sanctuary. Besides the many military experts and journalists on board there was one person that might surprise you. Arthur Godfrey! Remember him? He sat up front with the pilots. Why Arthur Godfrey of all people, a famous television personality?

Something was up!

Arthur Godfrey was apparently invited to make pre-recorded taped Doomsday Messages, to be transmitted on television and radio in the event of a nuclear attack to the remaining people left on earth. Eisenhower thought Godfrey could lend his fame and voice to calm the survivors. Godfrey's voice was to be the first voice survivors would hear after armageddon.

During the 50's there were a couple of places the higher ups could hide, where government could re-organize. One of these bunkers was named Mount Weather, and was located near Godfrey's home in Berryville, Virginia. A coincidence? 

Not that this tidbit of info is related to the story but Godfrey had flown for the Air Force during World War II. Surprisingly, on his show in 1965, he admitted seeing and almost colliding with a UFO while flying a light private plane. No, it couldn't be related, could it?

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