Stop Fearing Death — There Are Some Good Points To Dyeing

What's the point in believing death is the enemy of life? Wouldn't it be better if we viewed death as a well deserved and well earned genuine release, a relief, a reward for having lived a life. To have gone through the gauntlet and succeeded. One big vacation after going the distance.

Yep, death is like the final act of a Shakespeare play, the final note of your favourite song, the conclusion of what we value as human, along with the problems, the difficulties and the challenges on the physical plane that have come our way on the journey of life.

Death is like a doorway, where we leave the limitations of the physical, of energy and the dimension of time and enter a new consciousness. It will be the time to stop paying the piper, there will be no more need to eek out a living. There will be no more pain and suffering. 

Your death will be the conclusion of what was expected of you while living, perhaps earning you life after life. Here's a few things we won't have to worry about anymore;

— We can sit back and relax knowing we won't have to work anymore. I'm sure most of us won't mind but I'm not too sure how a work-a-holic will handle this situation. Those harsh words from your employer, what will they mean to you now.

— We won't be feeling anymore ache's or pain. There'll be no more stubbing your toe when you get out of bed.

— The tax man will be, 'shit out of luck,' now won't he?

— We can let our emails pile up, our junk box can overflow, what will we care? Oh, what a relief it will be.

— We won't have to look after or take care of our friends and family anymore, they'll be on their own.

— Those days of standing in line at the bank or checkout counter are over.

— You won't have to go to the dentist anymore, or get a physical. No more probes, what a relief!

— There will be no more need to save for retirement. Little good all that money will do you now.

— We won't be tired anymore, or afraid, or feel anxiety.

— No more paying the high cost of health care, nor the mortgage.

— No more going on diets. This is when fat becomes the new beautiful.

—Etc. etc, etc...

So if we compare dyeing to living, dyeing doesn't sound all that bad, now does it?

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