Precognitive Dreams — Knowledge That Precedes The Cause

Being able to foresee the future is as old as humanity itself. Dreams of prophecy have been recorded throughout time. Traditionally dreams have been good diagnostic tools. Forty per cent of all reported psychic experiences are from dreams, dreams being the most common way precognitions are obtained. Precognitions are dreams that people occasionally receive, about some future event or privy information that become easily verifiable. These are called Precognitive Dreams.

I personally have never had one.

Precognitions have been linked to the sinking of the Titanic and other transport disasters, Pearl Harbor and other attacks and other wars, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and even solving police crimes. 

Ghengis Khan, Hitler, Oliver Cromwell, Napolean and other big names, they've all had dreams of their own destinies. Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his body lying in state, two weeks before he was assassinated. Although he did take the premonition seriously, he could not stop it. 

People dream of winning a lottery and do. They dream of that fast horse at the race track, which later comes in first. Even predicting the roll of the dice, enough to make a living from.

The most famous dreamer of the all was a man named Edgar Cayce, also known as the 'Sleeping Prophet.' He diagnosed illnesses and prescribed treatment and solved a countless number of crimes. He wrote a few best selling books, you may have read some of them.

There is a problem with premonitions and that is the knowledge of the event precedes the cause, which as you may know, is impossible. It also raises the question of free will. 

Arguments can be made that the events of a dreamed premonition could be inferred, or the dream wasn't specific enough, or just a plain coincidence. 

People have other types psychic dreams besides Precognitive dreams like; dreaming apparitions of the deceased, usually with a message, whether you know the person or not. Clairaudient dreams, which involve sound. Empathic dreams involving feelings and emotions, Clairvoyant dreams, which materialize at the same time as the actual event does, and Telepathic dreams, where you communicate with others. 

Like Abraham Lincoln, no matter what is done to prevent a Precognitive dream coming to fruition, there is nothing to stop it, not even another Precognitive dream. Perhaps Precognitive dreams are a way for our subconscious to deal with our hidden fears, rather than some kind of premonition for some future disaster which is sneaking up on us, without our conscious knowledge. Who knows? 

One thing is for sure, we won't stop dreaming too soon, we need to dream, let's hope they are all good dreams and not disasters, as the word "promonition" implies. A strong feeling something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant.

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