Men In Black — It Could Only Happen In Canada, eh!

Canada has some of the strangest recorded stories of UFOs and encounters with Men In Black. One of the strangest told happened in the fall of 1981. It happened to a young man named Grant Breiland from Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia on the tip of Vancouver Island. This is what he reported to the chief investigator P.M.H. Edwards...

...while out walking his dog, Grant noticed something odd in the evening sky. He dismissed it, but later thought it could have been a UFO. 

On Friday, three days after the sighting he had a business meeting downtown. It was raining. His contact did not show up at the designated time. So, looking around he spotted a pay telephone between the outside and inside doors of a busy entrance to the local department store. Grant called to find out if he was going to show or not. He could not reach the other party and had a strange sensation that time stopped.

As he was hanging up the telephone he noticed two men coming towards him, typically dressed in black, sunglasses, hats, almost mechanical in the gait, the whole Men in Black thing. It suddenly stopped raining. You get the picture.  

These two men, stood before the glass doors and stared at him expressionlessly through the glass. Later in his testimony, Grant described these two men as being weird, both having very dark tans. I'm not saying they were of the Black race, but more of a greyish, greenish, darkish black skin colour. After, taking off their sunglasses, which Grant found a little odd they'd be wearing them in the first place, he noticed their eyes seemed a little larger than a normal and they never blinked, eventually, they entered the store and came up to him. He claimed it odd but they didn't seem move their lips as they questioned him. They asked him what his name was, where he lived and what was his number?"

Number? Grant was confused and remained silent, wondering who these men were and why were they asking him questions? Without answering them, they turned like robots and walked out of the store into the rain, across the parking lot then crossed the street. Grant being curious, followed them. The men must have known he was following them because he was right behind them, but they ignored him.

Once on the other side of the street the two men stepped into a recently ploughed muddy field about 80 feet in width. Grant stopped on the sidewalk and watched as they stepped in the mud. When they got midway through the field they disappeared, vanishing in plain sight leaving no footprints.

Not that the Men in Black weren't strange enough, but Grant also noticed that while the Men in Black were in his view, he noticed no other people, heard no other sounds, saw no other cars on the road, nothing moving. He saw not a single soul, nor a leaf blow in the wind. After the men had disappeared everything returned back to normal; the traffic, the sounds, people hustling and bustling everywhere. 

Grant noticed a paper wrapper from a candy bar, being blown from across the street, it landed at his feet. How ironic he thought, a Mars bar. 

True story. It could only happen in Canada, eh!

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Ref: Unexplained! Jerome Clark

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