Living Longer — The Beginnings Of A New Level Of Collective Consciousness, Singularity!

Whom among us can dispute the fact that we are living in challenging times? Some would say that the challenges we face today are big game-changers, that opportunities abound. This is especially true for the billions of people that have already met or joined the second half of their lives.

Yes us, the over 50 crowd.

What we know today would astound someone say, living sixty years ago, let alone someone living in the thirteenth century. At no other time in history have us old folks had it so good. A new surge of energy from an unlikely source. New ways of looking at things are being demonstrated everyday. Our level of courage and commitment towards these changes has changed drastically. 

Look around at what's at our disposal; more info and tech knowledge coming out of our yin-yangs than we know what to do with. The medical options; soon man will be the longest living organism on the planet, beating the Giant Tortoise even the ageless Douglas Fir. Could you imagine? 

Right now, being a centenarian, is not that uncommon, life has changed so rapidly. Now you won't just live to be a grandmother or grandfather but a great great grandmother or grandfather. In my case a great, great, soon to be another great uncle. Kids I've never met, and probably never will.

All us old timers, we've witnessed; the birth of the environmental movement, the initial stages of disarmament, the dawn of civil rights, human rights, women's rights, gay rights, animal rights and the zillions of anti-war movements. We've been through them all.

All of our collective experiences in social and political changes and all our combined and endless array of spiritual and religious beliefs combined, these changes will help us achieve higher goals, the beginnings of a new level of collective consciousness, singularity!

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