Is There Enough Evidence To Prove The Existence Of An Afterlife?

It is medically impossible for anyone to have a highly organized and lucid experience while unconscious. When the heart stops beating, blood immediately stops flowing to the brain after about 20 seconds. The brain activity necessary for consciousness, stops.

Brain activity can be measured by using a EEG machine, which measures electrical impulses in the brain. Once the readings go flat there is no electrical activity happening. Yet, despite a blank slate near-death experiencers say that they experienced a heightened state of awareness, which is totally inexplicable.

What near-death experiencers (NDE) see and hear during this heightened state is always perceived as being real. Things don't necessarily have to be near either, they can be remote like on the other side of the country. Under normal anesthesia, consciousness should not occur and a lucid experience should not be impossible, but it happens, why?

Even blind people that have been clinically dead for a period of time have reported being able to see. 

Things that were forgotten are soon remembered and virtually all the beings encountered during a NDE are already dead, where in a dream or a hallucination, beings that one encounters are more likely to be living.

Children, adults, women and men, they all have similar content and elements with their stories. Kids under six have virtually no experience with death, but relate their NDE very similar to an adults experience.

It doesn't matter where you live in the world, nor at what time you've lived, all NDEs are consistent with the content of their experience. There's a reduced fear of death and an increase in the belief of an afterlife. After having a NDE most people become more loving and caring, literally becoming nicer people. 

Unexplainable is the fact that 45% of people that have gone through a NDE have stated they've received a gift, either psychic, paranormal or something other, which they didn't possess prior to the NDE. Many people have been cured of physical or mental illnesses, which also means; what a person experiences on the other side may come back and bring change to them here in this world.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was forced to go through a Near-death experience? What a better place this World would be, don't you think? 

Is this enough proof that a real-life exists after death? All of these elements of a NDE strongly suggest an afterlife and certainly does and provides us with the proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that life does exist after death.

Proof enough for me. Just saying.

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