He Stopped Bicycles and Cars then Streetcars By His Sheer Psychic Abilities, But A Freight Train?

In September of 1989, E. Frenkel, a Russian psychic healer and mentalist, at first thought he could stop a bicycle, by controlling it with his mind. Apparently, his belief was so strong it worked, he moved onto bigger things, like a car and a streetcar. Like magic, they all stopped within seconds of colliding with him just by him thinking about stopping them, his will power only. Amazing isn't it? He never revealed how it worked.

Well, as reported in the Associated Press, that wasn't enough for Mr. Frenkel, he had to prove his powers to the Soviet Union and the rest of the world. He decided to stop a freight train, only by the use of his mental abilities.

Was he being delusional? Did he really think it possible to stop a freight train barrelling down on him at fifty miles per hour by will power alone? It seems he did! 

You would have thought he would have made a trial run at it first, standing on the side of the track and then trying to make it stop but no, he was a man of his convictions. He believed it was the danger of being killed that prompted his physic abilities.

Mr. Frenkel arrived at the crossing as a freight train was approaching. The train engineer saw the man up ahead and as the train neared, saw him place his attache case to the side of the railway tracks then watched in horror as he stepped into the middle of the tracks in front of the train. 

He raised his arms as if he was a traffic cop stopping traffic, he then lowered his head and began thinking about stopping the train.

Wham! It didn't work. Mr. Frenkel's body parts were strewn all over the tracks.

What would make a person believe such a thing? He didn't do it for money! 

He actually believed he could stop a train, believing that with any threat to his person, he could use all his reserves, and these reserves would jump into action to save him at the last minute. 

They didn't!

After careful inspection of Mr. Frenkels attache case left on the side of the track, they found a note that read, "First I stopped a bicycle, cars, and a streetcar, now I'm going to stop a train."

Now that's conviction, if not stupidity! True story.

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