Giving "Death" A New Life — By Changing Our Attitude Towards It!

Let's face it! A lot about Death has to do with our attitude towards it. Most of us fear Death. Not Death itself, but the pain of Death and the foretold consequences of Death, the "fire and brimstone," and the "hell and damnation," so to speak. 

We can't help but fear the loss of loved ones in our passing, the opportunities we'll miss and the loss of control of what we imagine to be control of ones life. It is one of the two most natural, unchangeable and uncontested facts of life, that open comes after closed, exhale follows inhale and death eventually overshadows birth. You can't get around it, it's just one of those non-negotiable realities of life.

Renaming Death

We deny Death it's existence and why it plays such an important role in our lives, giving Death names like; the Grim Reaper, the Terminator, the End of the Line. 

I suggest instead of denying Death's existence, we should be facing it head on, dropping those age old beliefs about Death and embracing it, by welcoming Death at the door, giving Death a new life by changing our attitude towards it and renaming it with the respect it deserves like; The Big Reward or the Rebirth. The "Next Step" sounds nice! 

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Stranger in a Strange Land said...

I call it a transition from one form to another. It's only the ones left behind who struggle with death.

Take care,

mayanlongcount said...

i think life on earth is tedious. better days ahead after this life!! charge!!