Would It Hurt If You Smiled Once In Awhile — Or Does It Matter On Social Media? : )

As Mother Teresa once said, "Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing."

We need to smile, it's about the first thing we learned as babies; mother's smiling face, supposing your mother smiled at you when you were a baby. I honestly can't remember if mine did or not, but anyway, it's built into our neuro-system, which is connected to our facial muscles, all 16 of them that work together to make us smile. To frown takes 28 muscles, so it's just logical that it's easier to smile than to frown. 

Our mouths aren't the only thing that smiles. Our eyes can convey pleasure also, which is an important feature to smiling. 

There are times when we just can't smile. That's when your mouth muscles react but the reaction doesn't reach the eyes. 

Here's an example: When a photographer yells out, "Say Cheeze!" Everyone can tell a phoney smile, so try to be genuine. Another would be laughing at your bosses lame joke for the umpteenth time. Oh, I hate that! I'm guilty. Not to worry though, my faking it led to a raise, so don't take it lightly.

Smiling helps change people's perspective of you. They think you're more approachable. I frown when I'm on the Skytrain, our transit system here in Vancouver, especially when there's an empty seat beside me. It usually stays empty the whole trip but as soon as someone spots me smiling at them they're right over to claim it. Life looks better from behind a smile. Try it next time you're on transit. Little ole ladies won't sit next you, until they catch that friendly smile, guaranteed.

The best smile is the Duchenne smile, named after Guillaume Duchenne who first used it to describe a genuine smile. Babies use this genuine smile when they see their mother's face. The corners of the mouth turn upward, their eyes gleam and the skin around them crinkle up. Duchenne smilers are in general more happier, calmer, relaxed and more likely to get a return smile, even happier in marriage. So, remember next time you call your wife a bitch, smile when you say it, it'll defuse all the bickering.

The worst smile is the Pan-Am smile, named after the forced smiles flight attendants use. It goes back to our primal beginnings, when our ancestors were frightened. So much for flying. 

Some people never smile, it's a medical condition called Moebius syndrome, which causes facial paralysis, where you can't smile. 

And then there's the permanent smile of Sardonicus. It's when you literally can't wipe the smile off your face. 

One little smile can tell more of a story than any number of words could possibly tell. It's the first step in building friendships. 

Would it hurt if you smiled once in awhile, or does it matter on social media? The people that invented the Smiley thought so. The written word can be so easily misinterpreted, that's when Smiley's come in handy. 

Remember, not to use them too much or people might think you're a little fickle. The public can tell a genuine smile, Smiley face or not.

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