Words You Don't Want To Hear During A Near-Death Experience.

A question often asked in the study of near-death experiences is; Did you notice any beings or a presence while you are having your experience? Half stated they did meet an unfamiliar being and most of these beings and presences had a mystical sense about them, 10% sensed and heard voices that sounded unworldly and unrecognizable.

Some near-deathers describe these mystical beings as angels, with or without wings, similar to us but surrounded by a white light and donning nothing but goodness. These beings usually appear near the end of a near-death experience, who often tell the person to go back into their body, they've been given another chance.

All communication done with these mystical creatures and dead loved ones during a near-death experience are done telepathically. We never meet someone that is living, it's always someone that is dead, 95% are dead relatives and 5% are dead friends. 

Emily Williams Kelly, who studied near-death experiences discovered that older individuals should meet more of these mystical beings, since they themselves have seen more people die than someone younger but no, she found age didn't make a difference in the amount of beings a person may meet during a near-death experience. She also discovered that 32% of NDErs didn't meet dead loved ones, but unexpectedly met dead strangers that they had no emotional connection with.

Hopefully, whoever we meet during our near-death experience will tell us to, "Go back," that it's not our time yet. That's all we need to hear. 

I'd hate to hear, "Follow me!" from whomever I meet. I'll run the other way. 

No, it's not what I would want to hear. 

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Duncan Sinclair Anderson said...

I was not asked I was told my time was not yet I will not leave this physical world until I complete my mission, or until he calls me home!