Where Have All The UFOlogists Gone?

People die left and right everyday, but it seems a little strange and some might say, just a coincidence, but something is happening to a lot of UFO researchers around the world, and it smells of a conspiracy theory, a cover-up. 

Otto Binder, back in 1971wrote an extensive article on the disappearance of 137 UFO investigators, writers and scientists called, "The Liquidation of the UFO Investigators," for Saga magazine. They all died of suspicious circumstances. Another guy by the name of G. Cope Schellhorn, has been collating lists of UFOlogists that have died unusual deaths since 1997. There's been a rash of odd cancer's, heart attacks, suicides and other strange happenings.

One astronomer and author, M.K. Jessup, in 1959 committed suicide. No autopsy was performed. Police that discovered the body thought it looked like a staged killing. Jessup was involved with the Philadelphia Experiment and was investigating experiments in invisibility. He was, according to his  wife, receiving strange phone calls prior to his suicide/murder.  

Frank Edwards, died of a heart attack in 1967, on the 20th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold sighting. Two letters were received prior to his death, saying that he was going to die before the "World UFO Conference." A doctor, a senior physics professor, shot himself in the head. A naturalist, died by a rapidly spreading cancer. A cult-fiction writer died of a stroke, while working on his manuscript about UFOs. A pilot studying Ra material, suicide. An astronaut who was ready to speak out about UFOs found murdered. Another astronomer, Dr. Allen Hynek, died of a brain tumor while in the hospital getting prostrate surgery. Fast talking UFOlogist, Mae Brussell, died of a quick growing cancer. The publisher of Alien Digest shot himself. Ann Livingston, a MUFON investigator, in 1994 was accosted by MIB, (Men in Black) and died soon after of a fast acting cancer. A writer claimed aliens were going to kill her, she died shortly after of breast cancer. At 43 years-of-age and in perfect health, Ron Johnson, an investigator for MUFON died during a slide show presentation, when the lights came on after the show, poor Ron was slumped over his seat with blood oozing from his nose, a cord wrapped around his neck. 

The hit-list goes on to the present day. Pray tell, if you ever witness a sighting of a UFO, and have definite proof. Your best bet is to keep it to yourself, if you know what's good for you.

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