What Happens To A Muslim After He Dies?

If I were a Muslim I'd be afraid, very afraid. This is what happens after you die, if you are a Muslim.

It all begins at the moment of death. Islam teaches us that when we are dying our soul rises from the depths of our every cell in our body and accumulates in the throat. This is when Malikul Mawt, the Angel of Death arrives at your death bed. He's no George Clooney! He's very methodical in what he is about to do and carries out his duty unflinching, with purpose. There is no stopping him. The Angel of Death is compelled to extract your soul from your body.  

To remove your soul he simply grabs hold of it and pulls. If you've been a good person and have believed in Allah, The Angel of Death, with the help of a few other angels will carefully and gently pull your soul out from your body, but if you've been bad and lived an evil life, The Angel of Death will yank your soul out of your body like squeezing butter through a sieve.

When this moment of death becomes inevitable, as explicitly described in the Qurán, it becomes a moment of complete realization. The person dying will know his time has come. Qurán 75:27-30

As you take your last breath, you will realize it's too late for repentance. Allah accepts no repentance from someone on their deathbed and when you are moments near death the cut-off point arrives, there is no turning back. An example would be when the Pharaoh was chasing the Israelites, just before the Red Sea separated and he was about to drown. He yelled out, "God I now believe," but Allah refused to listen and let him drown. You don't get second chances with Allah!

The Angel of Death then holds your soul over our body. You will be able to see your mourners, but they won't see you. You can't talk to them, they won't hear you. You witness everything that is done to your body and are carried along to the gravesite. If you are good, Allah writes in his record book, the Illiyyin who will go to Heaven. If you are bad, Allah records it in his other book, the Sijjin a register book for Hell and the gates of Heaven will not be open for you.

At the gravesite you'll hear and feel the dirt being thrown over you. You'll stay there until Judgement Day, no matter how fast your body decomposes. This is when your life in the grave begins, referred to as Soul Storage

According to Muhammad, while you are in the grave, two black angels (The Questioners of the Grave) with blue eyes arrive, their names are Munkar and Nakir. They ask three questions of you; Who is your lord, what is your way of life and who is your prophet? The correct answers are, God, Obedience to God's will, and the prophet you follow, either, Muhammad, Jesus or Moses, or whomever. 

If answered correctly, Allah shows you where you could have gone then admits you into the eternal gardens of delight until the Day of Judgement. If answered incorrectly, something terrible happens; the angels arrive daily to hit and squeeze you until your soul suffocates. 

Muhammad encouraged people to pray for protection from the Punishment of the Grave. Time means nothing while lying waiting in the grave, the whole dying experience can either be a pleasant or terrifying experience, it all depends on how you lived your life while living. 

In Isalm, it doesn't matter if you are a Muslim or not, everyone will be going through this process. Scary thought.

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