What Happened To The Belled Buzzard?

On August the 8th, 1885, while out walking one afternoon, William P. Kinsey of Pennsylvania heard the sound of a sleigh bell coming from the sky. When he looked up he saw a Buzzard sitting in a tree. As he approached nearer the buzzard rose into the air. He noticed it had a bell the size of a walnut attached to its left leg. 

This was just one of the many stories about the Belled Buzzard, published between the late 1800's and the 1940's from the Atlantic to the Pacific. There are just as many origins of the story but no one seems to know exactly how the stories started. For the superstitious, it was a bad omen to have seen it. In some places, mothers told their children that the Buzzard brought them into the world, not the stork.

What happened to the Belled Buzzard, when did the sightings stop? No one can agree but witnesses received the same response as people who saw the magnificent airships of the past (UFO's). At the time, this folk belief was equal to seeing ghosts or sea monsters. There was no shortage of stories from people who experienced the Belled Buzzard during it's heyday. It's one strange urban legend phenomenon, that hasn't been explained yet and probably never will.

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