The Voodoo Farmer — Biodynamics — The Way To Spiritual Farming

Biodynamics could be likened to a holistic agricultural type of system. It is a movement connected to food and agriculture, for a new way of thinking, in all ways of life, which many scientists call, Voodoo Science.

Biodynamics or what is commonly known as Spiritual Farming, was first developed back in the early 20's, based on the spiritual insights of Austrian philosopher and writer Dr. Rudolf Steiner. There are literally thousands of successful gardens and farms prospering from all kinds of settings around the world using this method of organic farming, but unfortunately most farmers don't recognize it's benefits, especially in third world countries. The farmers that do, recognize and cooperate with nature, the cosmos and to the signs of the zodiac, taking in the natural rhythms and cycles of the seasons and the weather. They stuff cow horns with fermented composted manure, minerals and herbs that supposedly restore the vital life forces back into the soil. 

Rudy Marchesi, buryies manure-laden cow's horns in his vineyard as part of an agricultural system called biodynamics, which some ridicule as "voodoo science"

If you want to grow beets say, using this method, then you pick out a constellation in the stars which represents beets and you're off. You'll grow the tastiest, reddest, the juiciest, biggest damn beets you'll ever see or taste, guaranteed! Steiner has stated that these constellations stimulate root growth and development. Timing is all important when seeding.

Spiritual farmers treat the farm as an entity. What affects one part of the farm also affects other parts.

Spiritual farmers are using Steiner's insights, the triple bottom line approach; ecological, social and economic sustainability when approaching agriculture. 

Examples would be working with the education system, the medical profession and the wellness facilities, along with working side-by-side with neighbouring farms, called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

There are the nay-sayers of course. Some scientists just cannot fathom that the moon and stars could make any difference towards seed germination, or plant growth. To them, temperature, sunlight and moisture is all that's needed. In other words, "Biodynamics" to them is just an occult-based farming system using voodoo and nothing more. 

Which would you rather eat, a beet grown on a Biodynamic Farm, in season or a beet grown in some other country, anytime of the year using pesticides, artificial fertilizers and other toxic chemicals? The choice is yours.

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