The UFO That Wasn't There.

This event never happened!

No! This never happened. If it did, you didn't hear it from me, I don't want to disappear or die an unexpected death or anything like that but...

... on November 7, 1986, over the skies of northern Anchorage, Alaska, the captain of flight #1628, a Japanese 747 cargo plane, Kenju Terauchi, of sound mind and his crew, consisting of the co-pilot, Takanori Tamefuji and flight engineer, Yoshio Tsukuda, also of sound mind, reported to air traffic control, a UFO sighting. 

An object much bigger than their 747 was tail-gating them, along with two smaller walnut shaped objects, defying gravity and inertia, appearing here, then there, able to stop in mid-air, on this side then that side, in front then behind, miles away to a dangerous few feet away, all the while flashing a bright beam of heated light at them. Many times they had to change course to avoid a collision with it then at the last moment, it would appear somewhere else. Unbelievable as it sounds, it all was recorded on inflight radar. During one of his voice transmissions to ground control, the captain mentions the objects as being, Spaceships.

This just wasn't a normal sighting, this one lasted 31 long minutes. Recorded in-flight on radar and on the ground.

After two months had lapsed, CIA (men in black) stormed the offices of FAA Tech Centre in Atlantic City and took all the evidence, everything but the kitchen sink, boxes and boxes of printouts. People involved were told to "keep quiet" or else! 

The official conclusion, Split Image, the light reflecting off the windshield of the plane. Totally against what the crew had written in their testimony. 

This case became widely known as; the UFO that wasn't there.

Sound suspicious?

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Gil Carlson said...

Experts say that DULCE BASE in New Mexico was for years the home to government and alien genetic experiments and that even today the caverns deep below are still home to REPTILIAN ALIENS who are anxious to claim their old home, the surface of the Earth! Don't believe me? Take a look but don't get too close, these aliens just might like to have you for lunch!