The Two Major Problems With Dualism — Zombies and Ghosts

Consider your brain. It's working away. 

Now consider your present state of consciousness. Two completely different things; your brain and your consciousness, if they are attached in some way, we have a problem?

The Zombie Problem

With dualism, we can imagine that our brain stays the same whether conscious or not. The Zombie Problem is that we can take away the mind from the brain while leaving the brain completely intact. Meaning the two, the mind and the brain are completely distinct from the other. When our mind is taken away from our brain, the result is we become a Zombie. Someone just like you physically but with no mental life, what-so-ever. Your brain, it's just blank. Don't let Hollywood influence you. Without a mind, you won't be one of those fumbling arm dangling zombies, set to kill, instead you'll be exactly the same, your own mother won't be able to tell the difference. Dualism turns your mind into a spectator, sitting on the sidelines, just watching what happens to your body, not playing, nor participating in the game of life.

The Ghost Problem

The reverse of the Zombie Problem is the Ghost Problem, a ghost inside a machine. This ghost problem suits most religious doctrines and that is; if the mind is split from the physical body, both will exist when separated. If the brain can live without the mind, then the mind can live without the brain. If that is the case then the possibility of ghosts are a reality and it's hard to keep these disembodied spirits here, in our physical world. This might explain why ghosts walk through walls as if not there, but it doesn't explain why things move or fly through the air on their own accord, after all it's just a mind with no physical properties. It might explain why we are able to see ghosts but not able to touch them. Why we can hear them talk or scream, with no vocal cords. Why we can see their surface, and see right through them but see no internal organs. 

So, when you think of ghosts and zombies, it seems a little ridiculous wouldn't you agree? 

The Zombie and the Ghost Problems of Dualism, are they a little too far fetched for any scientific mind to believe, or are the ghost scientists onto something here?

Personally, I think they are. To me, it also explains out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences. 

Your thoughts?

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