The Suicide Cult — The Movement for the Resurrection of the 10 Commandments

In a little town in Rwanda, during the 1970's, the cult of the Resurrection of the 10 Commandments had it's beginning. Children in a school playground had a vision of the Virgin Mary. After that, the cult of the Virgin was formed, a mix of Catholicism and aboriginal traditions and beliefs. The cult spread south to Uganda and it was here in 1984 that the Virgin Mary appeared to, Credenza Mwerinde. The message, "Judgement Day" is fast approaching. The world will end December 31, 1999, midnight.

Credonia Mwerinde
Joseph Kibwetere
Mwerinde then met, Joseph Kibwetere, and formed the cult. Mwerinde the enforcer and disciplinarian, Joseph the preacher. They made a good team and captivated thousands into their new cult, The Resurrection of the 10 Commandments. Sign language was the only means for communication, there was no talking. Members had to labour in the fields to grow their own food but must fast regularly, Mondays and Fridays just one meal for the day. Don't even ask for a bar of soap, it's forbidden, sinful and disgraceful. Membership sky-rocketed to 5 thousand.

What happened?

Even though thousands were spell bound by the two, on January 1, 2000 when people woke and found the world didn't end, the cult soon fell out of favour, dissension set in. Many who gave their life savings to the church wanted their money back. 

Later in March, Mwerinde and Joseph decided to throw a big party. They went all out; pigs on spits, all the booze you could drink, dancing girls the whole gambit. They also told everyone who attended that they were going to go to heaven that night and meet Mary themselves. 

It's a miracle, Mwerinde and Joseph kept repeating, yes, you will meet her tonight? 

They say they all committed suicide, a mass suicide, but I believe they were all murdered, poisoned and their bodies burned. Roughly, about 750 people died that day, surprisingly Mwerinde's and Joseph's bodies were not found in the charred ruins.  

They were last seen by a trusted witness leaving the party moments before the mass murder with their passports in hand, heading for the nearest airport. 

A warrant for their arrest, has proved fruitless. That was fifteen years ago. I wonder what happened to them? The leaders of a Suicide Cult, "The movement for the resurrection of the 10 Commandments."

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