"The Know Nothings" The Secret Society That Claimed It Knew Nothing

These people, the Know Nothings were a bunch of white Anglo Saxon "God fearing" Protestants, who formed the Native American Party (Nativism) and believed in protecting the interests of native-born Americans against the growing outside influences brought on by unrestricted immigration. They received the name, The Know Nothings because they would't admit to a thing.

Their agenda was to ensure that native-born, non-Catholic Americans received preferential treatment in all facets of society, at all costs, including violence, similar to what life was like in the movie "Gangs of New York." 

Back in 1848, America received an influx of three million immigrants, many Roman Catholics, which initiated a negative reaction among the post-colonial Protestants towards the Irish. The group went public in 1854 but fizzled out by 1856. The party tried to make a come-back in the 20's with the KKK but that too, fizzled.

Could this secret society be making a come back, now, in this day and age? This time not against the Catholics but against the mass immigration of Muslims entering America breaking down American customs and introducing Sharia Law

The Birther Movement comes to mind.

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