The Entity Is Now Upset — Paranormal Activity On The Rise

If you've been following my blogs you will know that I've always thought my house was haunted and that I was thinking of selling it. 

Well, it finally sold after a few gruelling months of having tons of Looky-loo's going through the place, dissecting every square inch. For some reason the resident ghost didn't like it, if in fact, it really is a ghost that I'm actually dealing with here and not an entity. 

                                     Paranormal Activity Caught on Video Feb 10/15

For many good reasons, builders wanted to buy the property right off the bat, with a few stipulations and conditions of course. For a city house, you feel very much in the country.

Unfortunately, they found too many problems, since the property is on a ravine, seismic testing had to be done. Too costly and too much trouble. They took back their offer. That happened twice. Mind you, they were low-balling.

Other conditions applied; the trees on the neighbours property are too close to the property line, so an arborist had to be called. The trees would have to come down before a new foundation could be laid for a new house. Again, too much trouble. The agreement went sour.

Then an inspector had to come. He had to check to see if there was an old forgotten about oil tank buried somewhere in the yard. Luckily none was found, but I swear I heard a loud beep when he scanned over top of my buried pennies. I had to stop him from digging them up. I must have at least a thousand of them. Ten dollars worth of my hard earned bucks!

Anyway back to my story.

Then a young woman and her fiancé came by one day to have look at the place. They decided not to tear it down, they want to start their new life together living in it. So, another building inspector came and went over the whole house, from top to bottom. Making a full detailed report, which I was lucky enough to have been sent a copy. Of course, I didn't tell them I thought the place was haunted and they never asked.

She begged her new fiancee, please, please. She loved the house that much. He hummed and hawed for a week until he finally gave in to her relentless pestering. The haunted house passed in their eyes. So they bought it! Women, you just got to love 'em, eh!

I will skip all the boring stuff and go down to item #101 of his report, the French Doors. Notice his comment he wrote under the photo that he took, the French doors open and closed by itself. What was he talking about? Did he witness the door open and close by itself?

Then again, item #103 of his report. The front door swings open by itself.

I find it odd that he would have mentioned the doors acting strangely, that's all! Why? Were they that much off kilter?

Strange things have been happening, after 15 years of bliss. The roof started to leak days after posting the listing with the agent. A bubble of water on the wall, the size of a watermelon seemed to grow before our very eyes under five coats of paint. At first we didn't know what it was! For a moment, my imagination went wild, as I'm sure yours would. The roof started leaking!

The washer died this morning in a mid-bleachy-wash. What a mess, wringing out those! The lawn mower stopped working, the neighbours are complaining. Rats and mice are coming out of the wood work. I've never seen so many spiders in my life. Silverfish, I didn't even know what one looked like, now the bathroom is infested with them. Patti and Cleo, my boxers both have suddenly acquired mysterious limps in their hind legs. My sister visiting, thought she witnessed a cupboard door open from the corner of her eye after hearing a popping noise in the kitchen. The pilot light on the water heater, that never failed before, keeps going out. Now, I can't even have a warm shower. I'll have to fix it.

I've got until mid-August to get the hell out of here! Do you think I'll make it? The ghost or entity, whatever it is, seems upset and doesn't want me to leave. 

I've been recording at night trying to capture more video evidence, but nothing so far. 

What do you think? Does the house sound haunted or what?

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