"The Curse of Cain" The Reptilian Connection

Cain, the firstborn of Adam and Eve is described in Genesis as being, 'of the wicked one,' especially after slaying his brother Abel, because Cain was jealous that God showed more interest in his brother than him. He came right out and lied to God, "What am I, my brother's keeper!" Genesis 4:9, as if he didn't know what happened to him. 

The truth to the story of Cain and Abel found in the Dead Sea Scrolls is; Cain was the offspring of Satan, not Adam as once believed. Eve cheated on Adam and had sex with Satan, which produced Cain, who was said to be not like earthly beings but heavenly beings. In the Scrolls, Eve admits that she had sex with the Prince of Demons, for she says, "I have gotten a man from Sammael, the angel of the Lord."

'Angel,' is a term symbolic to the Sumerians as a Reptilian God. Reptilians are believed to be a master race, experts at DNA manipulation, creating and mastering creatures like; the Insectoids, the Nordics, even the cute little Greys and other extraterrestrials we are hearing so much about lately. 

God cursed Cain, and cast him out. He became a fugitive and a wanderer. His descendants carry 'the Mark of Cain' to this day. Some people believe this to be a physical mark, so they can be easily identified. To others, it's only symbolic, a warning sign. 

All of Cain's descendants were killed in the Great Flood. All the Reptilians alive at the time, supposedly had drowned.

Or did they? 

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