Photo Evidence of UFOs Aren't What They Used To Be.

I'm really disappointed. 

Years ago, all evidence of the paranormal, all the UFO sightings, were taken on trust. We had to trust what people said they had seen to be true.

Voila! We're in the digital age. Along comes the Internet. Then the digital camera. Now, an HD camera on your cell phone, everyone has one. 

It's a wonder people are still in doubt. Where the hell is all the real evidence, the hard proof that there are such things as UFOs, ghosts and demons? You'd think with all the cameras and videos around that someone, somewhere, by luck or through diligence would come up with something substantial but, all we get are a few blurry photos and some out of focus, questionable fast moving orbs and light flashes on film. Where is the real evidence?

Where is the drama that I've grown accustomed to; War of the Worlds, When Mars Attack? Where is the Sasquatch when you want him? Why are aliens so shy?

Dare a real photo of a UFO, an alien or a ghost or a Sasquatch show up somewhere in a remote corner of cyber space. A photo in detail with no smudges or blurs. There'd be hell to pay. It would be questionable that's for sure. 

A true image of a UFO would make me and probably you, a little suspicious.

But here we are, with thousands of pictures floating around on the Internet right now, but no, we still don't believe. I myself, immediately think most are fake, but not all!

There is hope, cameras are positioned everywhere, pointing north, south, east, and west, in the sky and under the seas, inside and out, running twenty-four hours a day.

Slowly but surely, more and more, photographic evidence is coming in, of ghostly figures, coloured orbs, UFOs and even little green men and scary clowns. 

Videos of doors and windows opening and closing all by themselves, dishes flying across rooms, all kinds of events are being reported and photographed all over the world. 

Much of the photographic evidence that has been showing up lately, have been taken by people who claim they didn't see a thing, only after looking at the pictures did they see anything unusual, which could mean cameras might be able to pick up light that the human eye cannot see.

It is becoming harder to write off these new pictures as fakes. Multiple images and split screen, like with hotel or store security cameras make pictures hard to fake. There have been ghosts and entities that have come out of walls, walked down hallways, opened doors, thrown furniture around. All caught on camera.

One day, that special photo, a photo to top all photos will surface, removing all doubt. I can't wait! I carry my camera just in case a UFO flies by, or I see a ghost or a Sasquatch or something. 

Hopefully, I'll be able to get it out and focused in time.

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