Of All The Names We Call God — There Is Not One Mary, Helen or Susan

When we Christians think of God, we think of an old man with a long white beard and hair, carrying a staff and donning a white robe, performing miracles, left and right. The Bible has humanized God, so we can get right-down personal with him, man to man, Father to son, the Creator to the masses. The Lord, while at church. All nouns! 

When we think of Islam's Allah, God of the Muslims, we can't think of what he looks because he has no form and resembles nothing. He's unimaginable, so Muslims have given him names other than Allah by using adjectives. God nor Allah are names used by parents to call their children, it would be disrespectful, for there is but one Allah, there can be no other, the same with God. There's an old rule in Islam that if you grasp a mental picture of Allah, he'll be nothing like your mental picture when you eventually meet him, he'll be beyond your wildest dream. Muslims believe in knowing Allah rather than worshiping a false image, where us Christians need something concrete, a false image or not, something tangible, something we can identify with.

Names that Muslims call Allah are all adjectives, descriptive phrases and are all well accepted. Here are some of them, taken from a famous list called the 'Niney-Nine Names of Allah'; the Merciful, the Strong, the Mighty, the Loving, the Caring, the Bringer of Peace, the Avenger of Evil.

Then there's Shamash and a bunch of other Jewish names, which the Jews have called God. Jehovah for the Jehovah Witness and Buddha for Buddhism. It's endless. All the names we have for God.

You might ask, why do we use the pronoun He, when referring to God, when God has no gender. 

They blame it on the way languages work. Where I think there is some other, more sinister reason, like control. 

Your thoughts.

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