"Little Deaths" — How Many Have You Been Through?

In your life you've experienced at least a few "Little Deaths." I know I have. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about here's an example...

...Steve was driving through the Rockies Mountains in his mini-van coming from Eastern Canada to settle in Vancouver. It was at night when he found himself in the thick of a mountain range. He was tired. 

He came to a rest stop, but decided to pass it by and head for the next one, posted 80 km away. The road was treacherous. On some parts of the highway, nothing but a sheet of black ice. Afraid, he regretted not stopping.

On a hairpin turn, the rear wheels spun out and the car went into a tail spin, then rolled over and down a steep embankment. The car landed twenty feet below, but just before it settled Steve was thrown from his seat onto a nearby clump of soft grass. After the car settled, wrapping itself around a tree it exploded and everything within 20 feet became incinerated in a ball of flame.

And, there was Steve, standing there, gawking in disbelief. Not a hair on his head out of place. Not a scratch, nor a bruise. Miraculously, his seat belt gave way at exactly the perfect time to allow him to be thrown to safety. It was unbelievable that he didn't receive any major injuries, more a miracle that there we no minor injuries. Not a one.

Some would say, "It was just the luck of the Irish," but he wasn't Irish. Others would repeat that tired old cliché, "You won't die before your times up." Maybe that's true, but it doesn't explain why he is still alive, when he should have been dead.

"Little Deaths" a term coined by Michael Meade in his book, Fate and Destiny explains that these experiences are little reminders of life's delicacy, it's vulnerability. 

It's an opportunity to reflect on our direction in life, answering questions like; What do these, "Little Deaths" mean to you in the general scheme of your life? Who are you and what are your needs, your wants and desires? What the hell are you doing here? 

"Little Deaths," they keep us grounded. How many have you been through?

Ref: Do Not Go Quietly George & Sedena Cappannelli
       Fate and Destiny Michael Meade

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