Is The Moon An Ancient Reptilian Space-Craft?

It's amazing how the Moon can have so many contradictions compared to other Moons orbiting other planets. I've often heard that our Moon was actually an ancient spaceship. How absurd I thought when I heard that. I'm sure you think it absurd too. Let's put two and two together, it might change our way of thinking.

There are many anomalies of the Moon. Let's start with this anomaly; the size of the Moon. First, it's too big! Another thing, it's too far away from Earth to be a natural satellite. The Moon scientists have worked all that out, don't ask me how but they have. They've even found that the Moon vibrates, which are transmitted outward throughout the galaxy and inward unto itself.

This may surprise you, but the Moon's craters are shallow, not very deep. For some strange reason meteorites are prevented from digging deeper into the surface. There should be deep, deep craters but there isn't. It's as if there's a shell under the shallow surface layer of Moon dust. That's right dust, it's so dry on the Moon, but get this; there is the occasional burst of water vapour coming from the Moon's interior. It's been detected by Moon scientists. They've given no explanation as to how this is happening.

Also, the Moon has this huge bulge on the side we don't see. It is presumed to have been hit by a large meteorite a zillion years ago. With an impact of that size, the moon should have been blown to smithereens but no, something is holding it together. Could it be that shell I mentioned, which supposedly is miles thick, estimated to be in the 25 mile range.

The Moon scientists have discovered Moon rock to be older than Earth's rocks, as old as the universe itself, whatever that means. I just can't grasp that concept! Aren't all things in the universe as old as the big bang, including you and I?

Some Moon scientists claim the Moon is inside-out. Things that should be inside are on the outside and vice-versa, which actually means heavier material is on the outside. Here we go again with that shell theory, and a new theory that the Moon is hollow, hence a space-craft.

The Moon has ten times more titanium than the titanium rich rocks here on Earth. That's strange, and hasn't been explained yet!

Theorists believe Reptilians came here in a space-craft, from another world, to mine gold, and extract water. They manipulated DNA to produce man, as slave workers. The space-craft is the Moon. A space-craft damaged by a meteor impact, long abandoned, or is it? 

It's not the only one. Mars has a Moon quite similar, called Phobos. Maybe another Reptilian space-craft, who knows?

It could explain the UFOs that we see today. Just saying.

For more info on this and similar subjects, may I recommend: Human Race — Get Off Your Knees — The Lion Sleeps No More — David Icke

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