Exits and Entrances In Your Dreams

In a dream and in reality, an exit or an entrance are both the same thing physically, the two sides of an opening. It all depends on which side of the opening you are standing on to be able to call it an exit or an entrance. They both are identical but what makes one differ from the other is your viewpoint and which way you pass through this opening.

A doorway in your dream could represent many different things in your life. It could represent a problem or an uncomfortable circumstance that you are dealing with at the moment. Or, it might mean a temptation beckoning you to enter. To understand why we dream of portals we have to know the circumstances that surround you.

Freud would blame sex. Doors opening outward indicate a need for self-expression. For those doors opening inwards you need to understand your inner being.  

The door could be a red door, a green door, a big door like on a castle, or a small doorway and who is going in and who is coming out, it's all significant. It marks the transition from one space to another, mind you, the space could be something like one room to another, or completely off the wall, like a garden gate for heaven and hell. 

It could also mean being on some kind of threshold, an enlightenment, not knowing to knowing, depending on how comfortable you are with the transition and whether or not you are looking forward to the change or not.

Are you arriving or leaving, running away or joining in? Do you have any regrets of the place you are leaving, or do you anticipate the move and are relieved to find yourself going through the portal onwards towards another place?

It's all about you, are you moving to a new place, starting a new relationship or a job or ending one? These are questions you'll have to ask yourself. 

The door may be locked. Then what? You might be able to see what's on the other side but unable to cross the portal. It could mean that your dream is about closure, leaving behind your excess baggage. 

If you come across such a door in your dream and it won't open, ask yourself, Is there an alternate route, which there ultimately is? After all, you are just dreaming, anything is possible.

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