Dreams Of Ageing — A Nostalgia Trip Down Memory Lane

I had this dream years ago...

... I was looking in a mirror at myself. Everything looked natural when suddenly I started to get older right before my very eyes. Time speeded up. My teeth all fell out, my hair turned white, a road map of wrinkles criss-crossed my face. 

Of course, I know I'm getting older but this dream shocked me, I felt I had to hang onto my quickly disappearing youth. Surprisingly, it also made me realize that I have to enjoy what I've got now, because life's just too short and I won't have a life forever, after all, I'm just a plain mortal.

We all are getting older, there's no doubt about it. We wonder what life has offered us and what comes next. The longer we live, the more we realize what horrors living can bring; those first grey hairs, the wrinkles that no skin cream can erase, that inflated waistline, losing strength and getting sick.  

Who knows why we dream of ageing? It's possible that it helps us come to terms with life, making us realize what we have seen and done in this world, so-far! A metaphor for times long past, a nostalgia trip down memory lane. 

Some people ignore or suppress their dreams of ageing, even laughing them off, because their afraid of it. They deny the reality that ageing exists. We try in vane to reverse the process; dyeing those grey hairs, injecting botox, spending billions on cosmetic creams, dressing youthful, what for? 

When we dream of ourselves ageing, it's a little shocking. They serve as wake-up calls, reminding us to take heed, to pay attention, that time is fleeting and passing quickly. 

Too quick, for most of us.

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