Doesn't It Make More Sense, To Settle The Moon First, Then Mars?

Scientists want us to believe we will be living on Mars in the near future, at least a manned mission arriving on the Red planet by 2030, then promising that we will be emigrating by the thousands in huge shuttles, to set up homesteads on the planets surface, soon after. All we need to do is sort out a few technical difficulties about how we are going to get there and how we are going to live in such a hostile world and we're off!

Does it sound a little far fetched?

Travelling time will take a minimum of six months to get there, six more to come back. The time wasted between shuttles back and forth, you will have to wait another 18 months for the return flight, that's when Earth and Mars will be aligned close enough again, to make the journey back. You'll need lots of books to read and lots of food. You'll create a lot of waste, depending on how many people are going. 

Gravity might become a big problem, we lose muscle mass rapidly in zero-gravity. Our hearts weaken. We'll need air and water, lots of it! And it's bloody cold. I thought Ontario had cold winters, but Mar's winters put the Antarctic to shame. The temperature can change on a dime, you'll need to bring two sets of clothing, summer clothes and winter apparel. You can leave all the rain-gear at home, since it doesn't rain on Mars.

I won't even mention the problems of radiation that will have to be dealt with. Did I just mention radiation? Like I said, it's one of the biggest problems facing any mission to Mars. Anyone looking for a good investment, invest in Coppertone suntan lotion, it's sure to be a big seller in the future.

To make my point, doesn't it seem a little too fantastic? Really within fifteen years. Especially, since we haven't even inhabited the Moon yet. Couldn't we learn a lot by going back to the Moon, taking advantage of all the knowledge we could accumulate, making a moon-base and starting to look outwards from there?

Surprisingly, there's a line-up of people who still want to go, Mars, even though it will be a one way ticket, for now.

Doesn't it make more sense, to settle the Moon first, then Mars? 

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