Babaji — The Saint of India — Is Nothing But Goodness

To some he is just a plain old man, with a hunched back. Others see him walking with a cane having a long white beard and long flowing hair. To others, he is a young man, good-looking, beard or no beard. In other words he appeared as the person who saw him imagined him to be. It was reported that two men came upon him one day and started talking to him after they met on the street. One said, he was talking to an old man, the other said he was talking to a handsome young man. He is Babaji

He has no parents, no family but possesses great knowledge and has divine powers. He's been seen in different places at the same time. He could quote the scriptures in Sanskrit and Hindi with no education. He is Babaji.

Food doesn't interest him, he very rarely eats, nor drinks water, going for months consuming nothing, but appears full of energy and seems to flow forth from him. It was reported that in September of 1970 Babaji climbed Mount Kailash and sat on the top, in the same position, no food, no drinks nor exercise, without talking and no bathroom breaks. He is Babaji. 

Babaji is an immortal being. He appeared to villagers as a ball of light in 1800 and left in a ball of light in 1922. In June of 1970 Babaji manifested a body, emerging from a cave and lived as a simple Yogi, but on Valentine's Day, 1984 he willfully stopped his heart and apparently died. After burial it is said, the earth sank into the grave after he dematerialized his body.

His followers will tell you that Babaji is the eternal manifestation of God in human form. He is Babaji, and living among us today somewhere in the world. He lives totally as a sadhu, a person who gives up his worldly possessions in order to dwell in Nature. You may come across him someday on one of your hiking trips through the Himalayan Mountains. His name is Babaji. There is no need to be afraid of him, he is nothing but goodness.

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