A Timetraveller Who Met Herself

I can't verify this. It's a Time Travelling Story, one of those tales that has been passed around for years. Your own town may have a similar case.

My version happened in the 1990's, 95 or 96, not that long ago. It's about time travelling, when one meets oneself from another time, the past or the future. This is from the top of my head, so I'll start from the beginning.

In the 90's, I worked as a hairdresser. As you may know, women love to tell stories from their lives to their male confidants, their hairdresser being one of them. After all, hairdressers are sworn to secrecy and for some strange reason people feel more secure expressing themselves when looking at an image in a mirror rather than having actual eye to eye contact. It's easy to talk to a mirror. I do it everyday as I'm sure most of you do too.

Liz (not her real name) was obese, in her late 60's and had been out shopping earlier that day before coming into the salon. She was out of breath and ashen looking as she sat in my chair, obviously distraught over something. This is what she told me.

She stated that as she was walking up the street to come to her appointment, she noticed a young teenage girl coming towards her. Her head was facing downward and she couldn't see her face at first. 

She did recognize the girls shoes though, she had a pair just like them as a teenager, penny loafers but she put nickels in hers. This kid did the same, it made her smile. 

Then she noticed the girl's pleated skirt. She wore the same skirt to school. Then her blazer dark green, she had one just like it. The girl had her arms wrapped around some books with her over the shoulder bag. Liz recognized the purse immediately, it was hers.

As they crossed paths the teenager looked up at her. Liz immediately recognized the girl as herself, forty-five years prior. The same bangs, the pig tails. It was her. Their eyes met briefly before she seemed to bump into her. She had disappeared right before Liz's eyes, fading as if being teleported, like they do on Star Trek. 

The weird thing about this story is; Liz remembered as a teenager, walking the same route from school, wearing the same clothes, carrying the same books with the same purse at about the same time of day and this is the clincher...

... she remembered seeing a fat older woman one day when she was a young teenager, walking home from school. The strange look the older woman gave her, as if she knew her. She never forgot that look. There was something very familiar with the lady but she couldn't put a grasp on it. She almost bumped into her. The older lady in her 60's disappeared into thin air by the time she turned around to look at her. 

No one believed her when she got home and told everyone she had seen a ghost. 

Isn't that always the case? Anyway, that's what Liz told me when she came into the salon that day. Was I taken? I've heard many versions of the same story since.

You decide! I choose to believe.

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