World War III — It'll Be Over Before We Even Realize It Began.

The family all gathered around the big old radio, the Waterfall model, situated in the parlour. Mother would be preparing the treats. Dad with hands on the tuning dial would be hushing the kids to be quiet. They are all waiting for the big speech from Franklin D. Roosevelt, the President of the United States. The date is December 8, 1941. Japan, an ally of Germany had just attacked Pearl Harbour the day before. War was declared on Japan.

Could you imagine the people listening to the broadcast? Compare that to the Twin Towers bombing. Remember gathering around the television set, the emotions, the shock? Did those families back then feel the same way you did?

Then, on December 11, 1941 everyone gathered around the old Silverstone again for another speech, the United States of America had just declared war on Germany. Earlier that day Germany had declared war on the United States, in defence of Japan. Another broadcast ensued.

Again, with all the emotions. That would mean; two Twin Tower events happening within four days of each other. America as proud as it is, handled it and moved on to victory.

What will happen when World War III begins? Will everyone gasp as they turn to their computers, the Internet or Television sets as we did for 911, the Twin Towers collapse? 

The Bible states in Matthew 24:14 "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and the end shall come." 

Which means that this prophecy has already materialized. Look around; television, radio, missionaries preaching this and that, translation of the Bible for everyone to read, even the Qurán. We have the means via technology today to travel the world and talk to the masses right in their own homes, their churches, synagogues and mosques. 

The Bible says the end of the world will happen in the blink of an eye, the Rapture. In other words, we won't know what hit us, which could mean World War III might be nuclear? If that's what it means then we won't have time. There will be no Internet, no TV. Most of us living today will be vapourized instantly, milliseconds after thousands of nuclear bombs go off simultaneously. 

If you possibly by accident do survive, it won't be the same world. So be prepared.

The world has gotten a lot smaller than it was in 1941, the weapons that will be used in World War III will make weapons used in World War II, look like playthings, toys. Where artillery was so much more superior than World War I's weaponry, basically horse and wagon and sling-shots.

The sophistication of weaponry used in World War III will make it seem over before we even realize it began.

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