Will The World Experience Another Alien Invasion, Like It Did Back In 1519?

Times were good in Mexican history until the day of the alien invasion...

We are standing on the shores of a beautiful sandy beach on a beautiful sunny day, it's paradise, the year is 1519. You look out to sea when you suddenly see an armada of strange looking ships (USOs, Unidentified Sea, or Submerged Objects) entering the bay. On the front of each USO is a serpent, with huge white wings (sails), a dark red emblem on each, a cross. What does it mean? You've never seen such a terrifying spectacle. This must be the returning winged serpent god of the sun with his army of angels that our legends said would come from the east.

Pale beings, donning glistening metal caps and shiny metal suits come ashore in smaller menacing craft. Their leader taller than the others, identifies himself using an unknown language as, Hernando Cortez, but after offering us a few trinkets as gifts, he's easily understood and demands to speak to our leader. We are in such awe, and obey. In fact everyone, bowed down to Cortez, believing them to be the supposed Sun Gods.

Cortez and his men are eventually directed to Montezuma, our Aztec ruler, who questions Cortez as to whether they are the returning winged serpent Gods. He is the one that knows the real true story of the returning winged serpent God. 

I can imagine Montezuma being skeptical, who was this imposter, this alien creature, and what are their intentions?

After Cortez and his men saw all the gold, free for the taking, it wasn't long before Montezuma and the whole Aztec civilization knew the answer, but it was too late.

Will it be the same when aliens from outer space arrive and they see what we have? It seems to be a likely scenario. 

Time will tell.

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