Who Says Money Doesn't Buy Happiness?

There once was a study done in British Columbia, by a bunch of Harvard Business School and UBC happiness scientists. The study was about whether having money could or could not buy happiness. What the study concluded was; money might not buy happiness but how you spend that money might actually make you happy, at least a little bit. It was just as important to people as how much you earned.

The scientists asked participants questions on their general happiness level and to rate it on a scale of 1-10, what their annual income was, their monthly spending, and personal stuff like how much money they owed, what they bought for themselves in the last month and what they bought others and how much they gave away, to a charity or to help someone.

They were surprised to find out that no matter how much money a person made, if they spent it on others that needed it, they were the ones reported to be the happiest, while the ones that spent the money on themselves were less happy. 

Who says money can't buy happiness? All you have to know is how to give it away!

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