UFOs — Are They Coming To Earth For The Upcoming Rapture?

There are some people that claim to have been abducted by aliens, we call them Contactees

Sometimes, the strange beings that they have encountered are robots, sometimes they are midgets in space suits, but in most cases these creatures are humanoid in appearance, a typical "Grey" comes to mind.

Fortunately for them, they breathe our air. Gravity here on Earth, doesn't seem to be a problem for them at all, they apparently walk normal, considering. 

There have even been reports of humans accompanying and assisting the aliens. On rare occasions, the aliens looked completely human and talked whatever the language the adbuctee spoke.

Do you really think an alien would take a chance and breathe our air, with all our viruses and germs? Don't you think they would have a problem with gravity? And, why would they even look human, with legs and arms, ears and eyes and mouths? Why?

Okay, lets assume they have the technology to by-pass all the problems involved, maybe even using genetic manipulation to grow humanoid space pilots to command those UFOs. Maybe the contactees are kidnapped for breeding purposes, who knows?

There are a few alternatives in this scenerio though, the whole abduction thing could have happened in the contactees own brain, possibly by remote stimulation of the cortex. 

Or, it could have a darker side, being a staged occurrence to deceive people in order to achieve global behavioural change. A conspiracy theory, possibly here as alien scouts, sent out to survey Earth, ahead of an oncoming army of thousands of aliens, for the unsaved to receive the coming Antichrist. These UFOs and the aliens just might be his military might during the tribulation period mentioned in the bible and will be used to fight against Jesus Christ when he comes around the second time

Who knows what these UFOs are doing here? This is just my guess, your guess is as good as mine and it's only time that will tell. We'll just have to wait it out and see.

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Zac's Critical Review said...

I could not agree more, there is something aplot in the world, firstly for years people who believed in Aliens were called crack jobs and now it is all over the place, now government files have been released that prove their IS something messing about with our earth annd about the vicinity of our space, as with all things it takes a certain discernment to come to terms that the nephilim of old learned the lessons we taught their ancestor, Do not come here and fuck up our planet by breeding with us cos we will kick the alien ass all the way back to hell where their angelic fathers are now.
Most of the world will fall under the spell of the alien BS but I have got a big sword that is sharp and ready to cut aline heads off and I cannot wait until they reveal themselves cos the command to destroy the rephaim was never rescinded by The Creator so it still stands as far as I am concerned, I dont know about you the blogger but as far as I am concerned I will Obey Source.

I do not want stag, bear or lion heads on my walls I want alien greys dracos and whatever scumbag shitstick demon hybrid thinks and screw the rest of the worlds ideas as to what they think I should do Also. BE well dude.