The Window of Freedom (Life or Death) Is Slowly Closing For Them.

There's a pair of coyotes in my neighbourhood and they're eye-balling me and my dogs, Cleo and Patti. Boxers, mother and daughter. Even though my girls are mid-size dogs, they are no match for a pair of hungry coyotes, intent on making them tonights supper.

I now know where they live, in general. They have a den somewhere, off the trail. It must have been dinner time because that's what made me notice them in the first place.

The dogs were wading in a pond, when we heard a coyote feeding frenzy on the other side. I've heard it a million times so I know what it sounds like. The pups go crazy when the mother returns. I thought I'd go for a walk around and investigate. I put them on the leash.

As soon as we got to the path, we were already spotted. The coyote pups stopped barking. As we entered the bush, we spotted one, standing in the middle of the path up ahead, luring us away from the pups, hidden nearby. She was tempting me to followed her, I imagine to get me away from the den. We followed to reassure her we were no harm to them.

For some reason I glanced behind and wouldn't you know it, there was another one, bigger, a male following us, I pretended not to notice. He followed but kept a safe distance, jumping in and off the trail thinking I didn't see him. I fumbled to get my camera ready to get his picture, while holding the leashed dogs, who only wanted to get back to the pond, but I got one just as he was entering the bushes.

I've heard if coyotes are hungry enough they'd attack a small dog, even lone small children. The occasional adult has also been attacked but in general they are pretty shy and would never risk getting hurt. I could tell these coyotes were afraid of our presence. I knew I was safe and the dogs too. They were more afraid of us, as a group than we were afraid of them.

Believe it or not, Cleo and Patti never even realized there was a coyote ahead or following us, and we walked a good ten minutes like that. I'm concerned about those two. Anyway, the coyotes disappeared into the bushes. We turned around and went back along the same trail we came. 

As we neared the entrance I spotted them again, up on a ledge, watching us. Obviously the den was nearby. I took it's picture through the bushes and captured the female staring at us. Can you spot her?

I know it was the female because the male followed us out, then found a high perch where he watched us as we disappeared up the road, home. I could have sworn I saw him licking his lips.

I feel sorry for those poor coyotes, the area will be developed someday soon. They'll be forced out and they will have to move, hopefully before it's too late. The window of freedom (life or death) is slowly closing for them. 

I don't want you to think I'm being a jack-ass for harassing them. There is a reason why I followed them into the bushes. I wanted them to know; man is moving in and taking over, they'd better get away while the getting is good!

We've been back since, the dogs and I, and they're still there, licking their lips looking at Patti's fat juicy rump every time we pass. 

We have to push them out regardless, if they like it or not. Hopefully, they'll move on. But, I know they can easily adapt to human environments in an urban setting and I'm just trying to make it as uncomfortable for them as possible for as long as they stayed. They also know I'm watching them.

It's only for their own safety. I don't want to see them get hurt.

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