The "Foo Fighter" Were They German, Japanese or UFOs From Another World?

From November 1944, the term "Foo Fighter" was the name that described Unidentified Flying Objects during World War II. These UFOs were regarded by American pilots as hostile enemy secret weapons deployed by the Japanese airforce over the South Pacific, but the first Foo Fighter was spotted over Germany at night. Pilots reported fiery fast-moving objects or orbs that seemed to defy gravity, resembling Christmas trees following their aircraft, behaving very much as if under intelligent control. No matter how hard they tried to shoot them down, they would simply vanish and reappear or just out-maneuver the shots. Upon further investigation it was later discovered that the Japanese and the Germans were also reporting similar UFOs, thinking it was American.

Luckily, no Foo Fighter ever returned any hostile fire at the Americans, nor at the Germans or the Japanese. It seems they were just observing the events as they were unfolding.  

Explanations arose left and right about what the Foo Fighters were. Some claimed they were just bursts from the aftermath of gun shots, while others blamed St. Elmo's Fire, electromagnetic phenomena, ice crystals and reflections.

German sightings were described slightly different from the South Pacific sightings. Over Germany they hung in the air (like Japanese Fire Balloons) while the Japanese sightings followed the aircraft at high speeds, which led the Japanese people to believe that the Foo Fighters were the result of some new type of advanced aircraft produced by German Nazi engineering.

Foo Fighters are still being sighted and reported, photographed and video taped around the world to this day, proving Foo Fighters were not German, nor Japanese but UFOs from another world.

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