Newton — Looking At The World As One Big Riddle

Who the hell has never heard of Sir Isaac Netwon, one of the best known scientists of all time. In fact, in some people's opinion; the best of the best. Little do people know that being a scientist was only an honorary label for one of his greatest ideas, "The Theory of Gravity." He never thought himself as a scientist nor ever claimed to be. What he thought himself to be was an alchemist, a magician.

He had this preoccupation with the quest for the philosophers stone. In his personal library, 169 books, one-third of his collection was dedicated to alchemy. His own alchemy papers are reportedly written in the millions of words, in code, some, still to be deciphered.  

Newton was a great believer in early civilizations in Egypt possessing the prisca sapientia (ancient wisdom), having superior knowledge than they had in his time. He drew and applied analogies using Hermetics (alchemy, astrology and theosophy). His biggest resistance to his explanations were thoughts that they were from the "occult" or "witchcraft".

If Newton's Principia, where he elaborates on his theory of gravity had not been written, our technological world would not be here today. But, without Hermetics, Principia would not have been written. 

Newton made his greatest scientific discovery, emphatically not because of his esoteric beliefs but because of them. He was the last of the great magicians looking at the world as if one big riddle.

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