Myrtle Corbin Was A Real Freak — She Had One Husband, Four Legs, and Two Vaginas

Myrtle Corbin was a freak from Tennessee, she had four legs. Not your normal pick-up down at Charlie's Bar. A product of one of those mountain kin, first cousin unions. 

Don't get me wrong she wasn't ugly or anything, like a leper or an obnoxious drunk begging on a street corner, she had a job, starting work for the Freak Sideshow of P.T. Barnum at 13 years of age, making $450 a week. That was a lot of money back in the mid 1800's. She also worked for the Ringling Brothers Circus at Coney Island. Myrtle was one of the main attractions and had become famous. "The Four-Legged Girl from Texas," A must see at the "Freak Show." This is when Freak Shows at carnivals were big events.

She went out of her way to entertain the crowds. Dressing up her extra two legs with matching stockings and shoes, giving her an out of this world eerie look. People would gasp when the curtain was drawn. Some weak minded would faint at the sight.

Even though she had four legs only one worked properly. Two legs were from a tiny parasitic twin who was fully developed from the waist down, except the toes they were malformed, there were three toes on each foot. These legs were too weak to support her and useless for walking. Each little leg was paired to her normal legs. Doctors discovered Myrtle was two separate people from the waist down. So, if Myrtle and her twin were born normal they would still have one little leg and one big leg each. Very odd. Still, she could wiggle them at the Freak Show to the unsuspecting onlookers delight! I can imagine the stench of smelling salts, and Ole PT counting the door-take for the day, as woman after woman was being dragged out of the Freak Tent, obviously the show, too much for them to take.

One of her own legs had a clubbed foot, so she only had one good leg. What a bummer! Four legs and only one worked. She'd usually be sitting especially on stage.

Not only was her appearance strange but she got married to a doctor, of all people. He discovered she had two pelvises and two fully functional vaginas and wanted her to quit the sideshow. Apparently, Myrtle's parasitic sister had her own fully functional vagina. The three of them; Myrtle, her husband and her parasitic twin all settled down to raise a family.

Myrtle supposedly bore 9 children, four dying at birth. Three reportedly came from Myrtle, the other two from her parasitic twin. Brings new meaning to Ménage a Trois.

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